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YANMAR Names South West European Regional Manager to Lead New Operations in France

YANMAR Racing team

YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL has appointed Julio Arribas as its Regional Manager for South-Western Europe, a position that covers the roles of General Director of YANMAR Equipment Iberica, S.L. and of the recently established YANMAR France SAS.

Arribas will lead the launch of the operations of the enhanced distribution of YANMAR and the selective network of dealers in France, after the leading specialist in engines and propulsion systems opened in September a new sales and customer service office in La Roche -sur-Yon to provide dedicated local support.

Currently Director General of YANMAR Equipment Iberica, responsible for Spain and Portugal, Arribas has worked for YANMAR for more than six years and brings valuable knowledge to his extensive responsibility, to build relationships and effective local networks with partners and customers. He also has extensive international experience in distribution, sales and service networks and business development in the United Kingdom and Italy, as well as a highly relevant experience working with dealers in the agricultural and construction machinery industry.

The President of YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL, Shiori Nagata, said: "Julio has contributed decisively to the creation of YANMAR Equipment Iberica and the deployment of a new network in Portugal and Spain, which has made it the perfect choice to lead the implementation of our operations in France and create an integrated approach in south-western Europe, in coordination with YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL in the Netherlands, will lead a dedicated local team in the new office and support the re-established network in the country, with the ambition of encourage a closer connection with the market and, most importantly, ensure that we meet and exceed the expectations of our customers in the region."

Arribas, who begins his new role on October 1, added: "I am looking forward to using my experience in the region to develop YANMAR's presence in France, one of the leading markets in the nautical industry, and I am sure that our focused strategy In the market, it will ensure that boat owners, shipyards, OEMs and partners have easier access to YANMAR marine products and services in the country."

As a leading supplier of innovative engines from 9 to 440 mph and marine propulsion systems powered by technology for the recreational and LDC (Light-Duty Commercial) markets, YANMAR has established YANMAR France SAS to take full responsibility for the distribution of all the products and services of the company in the country. The new strategy will guarantee both supply stability and a professional support network, and will allow YANMAR to establish closer relationships with boat builders and distributors. It will allow orders to be made directly and will result in shorter delivery times, faster responses to evolving local requirements and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Acerca by Yanmar Marine International
About Yanmar Marine International Yanmar Marine International is a premier supplier of engines for sailboats and small boats, motor boat engines, Light-Duty Commercial engines, propulsion and maneuver systems and spare parts. Yanmar Marine International is part of the Yanmar Recreational Marine Business Unit, which also includes the companies of the Yanmar VETUS Group, Mastry Engine Center and Flexofold. VETUS, based in the Netherlands, is a global provider of marine engines, generators and technical equipment for marine recreational boats and small commercial vessels. Mastry Engine Center, based in Florida (USA), is an engineering, re-motorization and spare parts service provider covering a wide range of marine engines, transmissions and equipment applications. Flexofold, based in Denmark, is a manufacturer of low friction folding propellers (axle and saildrive transmission) for sailboats and multihulls. More information:

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